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The internet can be imagined to be a place where there are millions of similar sites aiming for the same group of visitors. Each trying its best to get the maximum share of the target audience. As you can imagine in such a scenario it becomes imperative that you do everything possible to ensure that your site gets the maximum visibility. Doing this can be said to be a two pronged effort.

Firstly the designing of the web site must be focused upon as this is the base of all the efforts. Good and robust designing is very important for achieving any goal since at some time or the other good designing pays back be its readability to crawlers or the quality of browsing experience that your web site provides. Good designing also pays back in form of good market reputation and improved brand image.

Secondly just having a good site is not enough just like any other product needs good advertising so that more and more people know about it. Thus it becomes essential to do the same for your web site.
Promoting the web site can be done in multitude of ways but it has to be done keeping in mind all your limitations and issues especially the financial budget.
Thus to gain the required number of target audience it is essential to have a perfect balance of good designing and well strategize web Promotion within the constraints of space , time and resource.

Some of the general Practices of web promotional campaigns are:-

Bullet Various technological techniques like Meta tag editing, and frame modulation
Bullet Creating technically sound sites
Bullet Search engine optimization of the sites
Bullet Submission of sites to various search engines and affiliate sites
Bullet Advertising your sites online by sponsoring services online
Bullet Making associated links popular

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.Online Travel (Hotel Booking, Flight Booking, Package Reservation etc.)
.Textiles, Apparels & Home Accessories
.Electronics & Home Appliances
.Publication & Books
.Health Care / Pharmaceuticals

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