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Websites today vary from small ones like personal homepages to titanic ones like yahoo and Google. It is quite similar to ship building; it has to be done according to the specification of the product. Every thing from planning to assignment of professionals and resources has to be customizable. That is good web consulting means approaching every project in a unique way so as to ensure that it’s built perfectly to order and is unique in everyway since uniqueness governs many key factors in the success of a web-site.

Web Consulting is very broad field of services and has various steps like:

Bullet image Client requirement analysis: It is a quintessential for any web consultancy firm to help the client clearly define their objective and uses (both current and future) of a web asset. It is the most essential step as proper objective planning can go a long way and prevent the need for frequent broad changes and up gradation to the web asset as they have already been preprovisioned for.

Bullet image Audience targeting: The very heart of any web asset is its target audience. Just like restaurateurs build and give deco to their restaurants according to the clientele that they expect there. Similarly a web asset has to be built, managed and most accordingly marketed according to the targeted audience of the firm.

Bullet image Software development: This is basically a step overlooked by most web services firm but not by us. No web services can be complete by overlooking software development for the needs of the client. Clients need a huge variety of softwares that cater tot he user of the web assets. They range from smart wizards, to security tools to offering various modes of payment allowing the visitor to choose according to his needs.

Bullet image Web asset structure planing: After all these aspects have been looked into a detailed plan with separate provisions for future requirements have to be made. And then it goes into our creation section where our highly streamlined system starts assigning work to highly experienced professionals.

Bullet image Copyright planning: If your planning ends in the fourth step only, chances are high for financial losses and legal action later on, to prevent this adequate copyright protection must be in place if you wish to make a site that will last forever.

Our completely business requirement driven approach has built us a niche among other sin the market and we have been able to generate good returns on the web asset investments.

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