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SEO technology drives a huge amount of traffic on the net. Imagine a team of highly skilled professionals who are able to guide you towards getting high visibility of some of the most popular search engine. We at AEC do just that through the huge amount of expertise and with the help of technology driven solutions.

Internet is a vast network is which it is very easy to get lost in the sense that your web assets may never be seen by a vast majority of netizens who start most of their browsing with the help of search engines. To be visible to these potential consumers it becomes necessary for any business to be visible at the top of various sites.

Without being visible in these search engines only experienced surfers will visit your site. And thus you wouldn’t be able to meet the requisite since these visitors will be much less than the expected share. Thus your web site will not be able to attain its full potential.

We at AEC have a very systematic and logical approach towards SEO consultancy. Our specialist SEO consultancy team is a team driven by technology. This has made us a force to reckon with in SEO consultancy sector.

Our Search Engine Optimization Mehodology

Bullet Website Assesement & Technical Analysis
Bullet Competitor Analysis Reporting
Bullet Keyword Research & Market Research
Bullet Page Optimization & Content Optimization
Bullet Optimization of Meta, Titlte & Description Tags
Bullet Robot Guidlines Setup (robots.txt)
Bullet Google Sitemap & Yahoo Site Explorer XML Submissions
Bullet HTML Source Code Optimization
Bullet Creation of Keyword Based Search Engine Optimized HTML Pages
Bullet Manual & Automated Submissions to Search Engines and Directories
Bullet One Way Linking & Link Exchange
Bullet Log File Analysis, Visitor Tracking with Demographic Reports
Bullet Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Reporting
Bullet Dedicated Email, Phone & Chat Support

Some General Technical Guidelines towards Better Search engine visibility:-

While preparing a site for better visibility on the search engines it is always advisable to start the preparation right from the very beginning. This can be achieved by proceeding in a logical and systematic manner. For this to happen we must make our site Spider/ crawler friendly. Spider / Crawlers are the software’s that browse through the internet cataloging the websites, assigning them keywords and ranking them according to various algorithms.

Only by knowing the algorithms used by these can the web designer use them to their own advantage.

Bullet Language Issues: HTML is most spider friendly language as spiders/ crawlers can easily browse through them and add most of the required data to the database.

Many sites use JavaScript for linking, this has less readability to the spiders thus it is advisable to attach HTML to the links and then link them to each page.

Similarly sites with pages based solely on flash or image mapping must have alternate HTML counterparts to these which the spiders can easily read.

Bullet Frameless Designing: The designing should be done taking great care that spiders can easily navigate through your web site. Framed sites reduce the readability of the site to the spiders. So it is highly advisable to make sites keeping the number of frames per page to a minimum other wise you may follow the following style for framing:

Instead of <NOFRAME> use </NOFRAMES>.

Proper URL nomenclature:

It is very essential to have proper spider friendly nomenclature because the nomenclature norms are of high priority to the crawlers than any other norms.

A URL or universal resource locator should consist of simple English sans

?, &, %, +, =, $, cig-bin, cgi etc.

These symbols make it very hard for the crawlers/spiders to index the URL thus it gets lesser ranking than it should.

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