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Till today advertisements in various Medias like television, radios, news media and even internet were mostly audio visual pieces designed to get the message across. But something these ads had in common is that we didn’t benefit anything directly. This has become a major issue today especially as seen recently in the case of radio with people subscribing to ad free radio networks after getting fed up with the large amount of unwanted ads eating into the airtime. All this also finally led to a revolutionary creation in the net by the name of Pay per Click Advertisements. These were the advertisements that directly benefited the consumers.

The concept behind this was that instead of harassing the consumers by forcing them to watch their advertisements companies now pay them for viewing their site.

At AEC we have been motivated form the beginning towards the welfare of the cyber community. Thus ideas like pay per click have been always used and appreciated by us since it spreads a mutual benefiting and cooperative relation between the consumer and the Pay per click advertiser.

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Every company used to spend a huge amount of their marketing budget on the advertisements mentioned at the top , these mediums did not guarantee that the visitor actually took a look at the product or the offers being given also in actual practice many of us actually change channels when the advertisements come on. But pay per click changed all that it’s a symbiotic affair with both sides benefiting directly. Consumers get the cash and companies get assured visibility.

Secondly the largest benefit the consumer gets is that he/she chooses the types of ads he/she wishes to see and not every ad that paid for the service. Many of us may recall that we get fed up seeing the same advertisement over and over while watching our favorite program, many a times these ads test the very limit of our patience and at the end of the day the companies ad meant to make the consumer buy its product actually ends up antagonizing the public.

Thus pay per click changes the balance a lets the consumer and the company interact directly and most importantly they get very accurate and vital data about their target audience as they know how many people of which age group or other such classification are actually interested in them through the pay per click firms which profile the visitors as well.

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