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When all the designing and building of the web asset is done the most important part comes to the forefront, Internet Marketing. Making sure the intended audiences knows about the existence of your website and the types of service that you provide becomes the next mammoth task. We at AEC have been specialists in e-marketing with highly seasoned and skilled professionals in our Internet marketing team.
Internet marketing involves several important step each of these are essential to ensuring the success of the marketing strategy. In a cut throat marketing environment every inch of user visibility is contested for and more so in Search engine lists.

The positioning of websites in various search engine listing is very important and even crucial to the success of the web asset. Doing this is no Childs play and in fact has to be worked upon right from the beginning , mentioned below are just some of the steps to make your presence felt online.

One of the most important of all the steps is choosing the most appropriate domain name for your web asset. The domain name has multifold uses and any choice made in this regard must be taken after weighing all these issues.

Bullet image Characterization: The domain name much like any other name creates the first impression on the visitors mind and also other factor like its recall value and how much it suits your Web assets desired character and lastly availability of course is a major hurdle in taking this decision.

Bullet image Economic consideration: Various pricings are there for various types of domain some even require special permission like the .to domain. These factors are important in consideration while taking decisions regarding domain type.

Bullet image SEO optimization: An extremely important consideration since most of the user start browsing using the results of various search engines. SEO is one of the Key fields of AEC and we have specialized in this over more than three years.

Bullet image Link Building: The internet is a vast community which can be used to ones benefit through cooperation with between various sites. This means posting links to allied sites on your site and the other site doing the same for you. But as always such collaborations should be done with care and after seeking expert advice so that it is a mutually benefiting venture.

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